dimanche 31 mai 2009

the perils of blogging

Well the first annual international Aunty Day has come and gone. The whole family was there and the Aunties were duly honored...and thouroughly enjoyed it. Of course the whole thing was to be a surprise.
However, yesterday my beloved daughters went to a lady friend of theirs. Now Sylvie is fond of the Internet and blogging in particular. Proud of their father they told Sylvie about my blog...so Sylvie promptly found it and the secret also. They told us only when the whole thing was over. The surprise was ours.
Morality: don't put a secret on your blog.

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh, how funny and sad! Yes, blogging exposes you to the whole world, including your close relatives and friends. Whatever you say on a blog stays forever on a blog. Those who are still working, or looking to be promoted better watch their language.

    You and I are a lot more independent at our age. Alleluia.

  2. Indeed, I never heard of a retiree being fired because the boss did not like e remark made anywhere.

  3. Funny indeed. Coloro che volevano sorprendere sono stati sorpresi.
    Not only a question of career (I'm a retiree too) but also that of 'coming out' with blunt topics that could not be understood or liked by some.