dimanche 17 octobre 2010


Winter is just around the corner, but before going to sleep our trees bid us a colourfull farewell.  Under a cloudy sky the colours are less brilliant and I guess it fits the mood for the departure of summer and the transition to winter.

Another week or so and no leaves will be left save for picking up and sending to compost.  Our city sets aside four Mondays, the last two in October and the first two in November, when we can put our green residues in clear recyclable plastic bags to be picked up by our recycling trucks.  We usually have about 20 bags full of leaves.  Maybe a little less this year, our backyard neighbour has, last fall, cut down a huge apple tree that was not producing anymore...but leaves to shed mostly in our yard because most branches were overhanging our yard.
Already there is a leafy rug under the maple tree and it will get thicker until no more leaves are left up there.
Across the boulevard some trees are already barren as may be seen in the next picture.
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