mardi 31 août 2010

No Hoch

The worst part was the Unimog ride. The tyrolean (or zip line), the bicycle, the walking, lots of it, the cenote and the caverns were a cinch. But I'm still aching and blue from the Unimog.
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Coba Mexico (4)

Coba exists for educational purposes. It is owned by a non-profit company, all the inhabitants work for it and it provides health and education services...and an income for the families. My wife and our daughter Nadine went there While Nadia, Alexis our 14 years old grandson and I risked out neck on a jungle trek. See No Hoch.
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Mexico (3)

Can you imagine, the Mayas built these structures from about 900 AD to 1300 something. There are still Mayas around and Mestizzos very proud of their culture and even resurrecting their language.

These ruins are in Chichen Itza. I will post a Mexico (4) for Coba.
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Mexicos (2)

This is the Mexico that is

Follow up on Mexico (3)
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Mexicos (1)

We have visited three Mexicos: the Tourists's Mexico, the real Mexico and the Mexico that was.

The Dreanland, Gran Bahia Principe Akumal, one week, all included and everything at will, in a gated compound, where honest hard working Mexicans toil for 400 pesos per week, 40$US, plus tips (reportedly included in the all included), taking no chances we tipped and added many por favors for good measure. A pair of jeans or shoes costs upward of 500 pesos.

The Akumal lobby
Villa 68
The view from our rear balcony.

The Mexico seen outside the gates is much different than the scenes pictured above. Our biggest surprise: heavily armed police checks points (filtros) everywhere but the tourist buses breezed through so fast that  I could not snap a picture of them; cars and trucks were pulled over and searched. -Locale and federale policias- and the army were involved. See Mexico (2)
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Hobo is gone

No one believed it but our daughters have given Hobo up for adoption.  They had put the pictures on our SPCA site some weeks ago.  Five people called while we were in Mexico last week.  Friday a credible candidate came...and Hobo (Esmeralda) is now living elswhere and has become companion of a 4 years old she cat.
It will not be final before another three weeks to see if she adapts to her new environmemt but if all  goes as it did here, no doubt, the adoption will become permanent.
As Le Capitaine Bonhomme would have said: "Les sceptiques seront confondus".