dimanche 12 septembre 2010


Some blogger friends were very close to the Pentagon on that sombre day.  We were then living in Val-David, 90 kilometres   north -west of Montreal, and finishing our breakfast.  We are not morning TV persons.  Around 9:40, our phone began ringing- “Is your TV on?” asked an excited voice, “if not turn it on, I’ll call back later, bye!”  What we saw kept us there most of the day.
Other friends called to ask if we had heard from John whose son worked in one of the Towers.  We called John in Montreal, he was unable to reach his daughter-in-law,   (they lived near the Towers), and worried like hell.  Later that day he called us to say his daughter-in-law had called and his son was safe at a conference in Vienna.
This is how close we were.  Save for a few overexcited fanatics around Ousama bin Laden, an out of control C.I.A. creation to fight the Russians, no one anywhere were not sympathizing with the U.S. and its citizens. 
I wonder what is now more distressing: the event itself or the aftermaths, the divisions, the accusations, all those plot theories about inside jobs, Mossad, the White House wishing to create an incident to invade Afghanistan and all the mud slinging that ensued.
And now the Islamic Community Center and that illuminated Floridian, who needs that?   I am not a U.S. foe but not an unconditional fan either; still I grieve for all those sincere, civilized and caring U.Sers who have to endure the senseless imperialists and “nation builders” (colonialists) among them and pay for their folies.