samedi 30 mai 2009

Auntie Day

Tomorrow, the Costopoulos family launches a new tradition: Aunts Day. Henceforth the last Sunday in May will be Aunt Day. We have Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day and all manners of Days...but no one has thought about aunts. Yet when I look at my spinster daughters doting over their nephew and niece, the love and devotion they have for those kids, I say it is high time to do something to honor that aspect of familyhood. So tomorrow we wil have the Aunts Special Dinner, Alexis (13) will produce a special card for the occasion, Arianne (3) will be , hopefully, on her best behaviour and mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law will pitch toghether to get them the DVDs of a TV series they loved. Which one? My son is on it so I can't tell at this very moment. Pass the word around, spinster aunties are af orgotten and neglected part of our society. Let's right the wrong.

5 commentaires:

  1. Yes, what a great idea. Costo, you must advertize this with a banner or...We can't keep it just between us; too good and too valuable to be just a family tradition.

    p.s. I do appreciate reading your comments on MOR's post; and his responses. It's a delightful exchange I get to jump in now and then.

    Do wish your daughters/aunts happy day from me.

  2. I will. As for the exchanges between MoR and me I enjoy them very much and, by all means, do drop in on them. The more heads get toghether the more fruitfull.

  3. The spinster concept was attacked a lot by the feminist movement. A woman, they said, doesn’t thrive only in a family or with a man, but I wonder if men and women can totally escape nature programming via will. In any case in my family I have a couple of ‘spinsters’ that bug me ALL the time. If you allow Paul, I’ll ask them to join the party.

    I also like a lot all interaction with Paul. He is a good man in all meanings of the word. I’d love you to join in at any time, Rosaria, here or there (or chez vous.)

  4. MoR, the more Aunties celebrate tomorrow the better it will be. We will all kiss over the Big Pond.

  5. Oh, we'll gather a big group of Aunties, Paul, and we'll kiss the Pond. Tomorrow.