lundi 19 avril 2010

Fresh air please

Tonight, I should not be writing since I'm tired and fed up with all the goings on in our neck of the woods and elsewhere.  Is there some place somewhere not corrupted to the bone?  A place where competent people can get a job without being suspected of being cronies of so and so or of a political party of whatever srtipes?
These days I feel that we have all become quite jaded and disillusioned by our so called leaders regardless of where we live.
Have a look around:  Harper is up to his neck in shady business within his governement, so is Jean Charest in Québec;  Obama is somehow a diappointment with his half baked health reform and his foreign policy;  George Brown in England had to sanction his people about their expenses and we will not even mention Silvio.
Karzai, the man our young ones are dying for is flirting with the Talibans and their drug money.
Heck! Should we call in Ahmadinejad or Khadafy, at least they are honest about their ruthlessness?
I did not mention France, the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia, my computer would have crashed.