dimanche 24 janvier 2010

Climate change

So there have been some errors in the computer models predicting the evolution of climate change.  It will not be as swift as previously believed...but it will nevertheless be.  Of course the negationists are very happy and the believers are confused.  We are all suspended to the lips of a few pundits both pros and cons.  We are mesmerized by computer gimmicks that most of us can not understand and they have become our modern bible and oracles.
Empirical knowledge and life experience are no longer sufficient we have to be confirmed by a stupid machine that gives us back only what we put into it and, as many technicians often told me, garbage in, garbage out.  But, over my own life span, I have witnessed some changes: warmer winters, somewhat longer springs and autumns and cooler summers at times.  All in all mean temperatures are a bit higher ( by 1 or 1.5 degrees Celsius).  That is not said by a computer but by adding machines in meteorological observatories.
Canada's northern buildings and Inuit villages are sinking into the thawing permafrost, bangladesh is being washed away by melting glacier floodwaters, several Pacific Island countries are shrinking because of rising ocean levels or such as Vanuatu, I believe, surrounding themselves  with huge concrete platforms to maintain themselves above the sea,
But no, that is all propaganda from the green industries to garnish their coffers by selling to gullible folks and sink the petroleum industry.