mercredi 23 novembre 2011

It's here

This morning, we woke up to this: a two centimeters white blanket.

This above photo is for Cheri, the one below is for Rosaria

Sledpress wil like to know that while all else is freezing outside, Miss Catherine is snuglly ensconced in the warmth of my study room seat.
Keep warm northern cocitizens.
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lundi 21 novembre 2011

Occupy highjacking

Our Montreal Square Victoria occupiers are going through a tough questioning period.  They realize that their site is being taken over by homeless people, psychiatric cases, junkies and dealers.  Their own order service can not cope anymore and they appreciate the help from the police and firemen who have been collaborating with them since the beginning.
Last night some of the very first Occupiers went home saying they were exhausted by the "social work" they had to spend their days doing.  The fact is that social work without proper training is exhausting and even dangerous.
The Occupiers were hospitable, fed the vagrants and even sheltered them.  Unfortunately they failed to fathom the exploitative capacity of some of those guys and they are paying the price.
As a first step they have now stopped giving food to people who can not prove that they are doing their bit on the site.  Nights could prove more problematic though.  Let's hope they will solve their problems and that the movement will not be destoyed from the interior by the parasites it has attracted.