dimanche 16 août 2009


In Canada the law calls for truth in labeling. You have to call things as they are. For instance 100% beef sausages have to be just that: 100% beef. A beef hamburger can not be 30% tofu but only beef otherwise you can not call it a hamburger.
So why does it not apply to our laws and politicians? We have an Health Act that is a socialist measure to some degree but allows for a percentage of free enterprise medecine. Should we post the mixture's content and proportions. We have politicians who call themselves Liberals or Conservatives or something else...but when comes time to apply their ideologies (or have they any) they act as though these Ideologies were not relevant. Should we sue them for false advertising or for false pretense?
A case in point: this weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the New Democratic Party is considering changing it's name and producing a political platform nearer to the center. Would that make them lefter leaning Liberals? If so let's call a horse a horse and merge the parties. Some brilliant PR man, probably, even suggested they change from New Democratic Party of Canada to the Democrat Party of Canada? Will they be running Obama or Clinton in the next federal election?
Come on guys, let's have some clear concepts and choices please.