mardi 8 septembre 2009

Socialist plot

This morning President Obama gives a pep talk to Wakefield High School students in Arlington, VA, and on national TV networks..  Conservatives all over the U.S. of A. have made a big hoopla about it.  The socialist was getting at the students to spread his hated agenda and corrupt their malleable minds.  Hitler and Stalin, they said, had done the same.  In Texas, parents were planning to keep their children home to shield them from that propaganda stunt.  Schools were planning to unplug their TVs.
As Shakespeare would have said: "Much ado about nothing".  This morning, the CNN website publishes, in PDF form, the prepared remarks of President Obama's back to school events.  I read and printed them.  They are just what our classic college superior, Father Allard, would have said in his welcome speech each September, and believe me he was no socialist.  The school principal in Arlington must have helped in writing this piece.
Come to think of it I would not be surprised if the paranoid right would now spin it as a devious machiavellian socialist softening approach for a more deleterious intervention when they will have lowered their guard.