dimanche 27 juin 2010

City Hall listens

Le parc Percy-Walters

Ave Dr-Penfield, Montréal

Over the last 3 or 4 years, a parents group from the vicinity of this park has been campaigning to have a playground for the children.  The land was donated some 50 or 60 years ago by Mr Percy Walters, vice-president of the Imperial Tobacco Company, for family recreational activity.     However children and young family were scarce around there in that period.  Over the years, the park was taken over by dog lovers who came to believe it was a dog park and for their exclusive use.  
After some difficult negotiations, the borough council proposed a compromise: split the park between dogs and children. 
The north side, at the right, for dogs, the left side for the children, the solution is not perfect and not fully accepted by some, but most are adapting to the new setup.  This picture is facing west.
Today, the Parent Committee, my daughter in law and my son, are driving forces behind the Committee, has organized an initiation to archaeology.  Strangely enough, my son, an archaeologist at McGill University, volunteered for the activity.

Even Mr Sammy Forcillo, at left, the borough councillor responsible for the project was there and manipulated a 250000 years old artefact.
Maybe you can’t fight City Hall but you sure can bring it on side when you have a good project.  Parents care for the park, plant flowers and use it.  The Councillor believes it will shortly move from Pilot Project to permanent status.