dimanche 29 avril 2012

Some of the 97%

Who said that today’s youngsters are wild, unruly and mostly delinquents?  Granted, 3% of them are.  Today I wish to feature a few of the 97% that we never hear about.
Thursday last, the wife and I attended a spaghetti dinner held for the benefit of a Haitian school being rebuilt after that horrible earthquake.  That school, for the last 17 years has been supported by The Haiti-Laurentides Committee of l’École Secondaire Augustin-Norbert-Morin, in Ste-Adèle, about 60 kilometers North-West of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains.

Students helped by a dedicated teacher are the Committee members, volunteers and organizers.  That evening, about 80 of them were the ticket vendors, waiters, bus boys, etc.  They were without adult supervision since the school board has cut the job of the person supervising after school activities.  Everything went very smoothly and we enjoyed very good spaghetti and a splendid evening.

In Montreal where college and university students are on strike to protest a decreed tuition hike, they have been marching most days and evenings.  Their marches were infiltrated with that despicable group called the Blackbloc, vandals dressed in black and wearing masks who highjack any kind of street manifestation, save for religious processions, and wreak havoc.

At first, most student demonstrators walked away when violence began.  For the last three days they have been opposing the Blackblocers and even helping the police to catch and arrest them.

We may not agree with the student strike and its cause, but we have to acknowledge that, in an orderly way, our young ones are standing for their rights, or perceived rights, and are rejecting the scums that pretend to sympathise with them but are only doing a disservice to their cause.

Look around attentively and you will see that our young ones do not deserve the reputation that sensationalist media are foisting upon them.

lundi 16 avril 2012

Trying young wings

Tonight I got the news that my 16 year grandson has been hired for his first summer job.  He will be aid monitor at the École Polytechnique de l'Université de Montréal's day camp where he has been a camper for several years now.
He also, with his driving instructor, drove on an autoroute for the first time today.  His comment:"100km/h is cool".
Big celebration to be held next Sunday.