mardi 3 septembre 2013

Are you tired of being lied to?

I have been silent for some time now.  I was very busy sorting out all the contradictory and devious informations being fed to me by mass medias all more or less voicing what their corporate or state masters were dictating them.  Do, so called, independant journalists exist?  And if so, where are they published?  I have read or known about no outlet that does not have a left or right agenda; nothing straight down the middle giving both sides of a story and chasing the straight facts as much as they can be accessed.

Obama vs Putin, Hollande caught in between and Cameron handcuffed by his own parliament.  (Wish ours could to the same to our Harper).  Even our Québec gpvernment wants to review how Québec's history is being taught:  not enough  about the Québec nation is being said, they say...worrysome indeed.  In Syria, what to do about Assad, the Alawites, Al Nusra, Hesbollah and assorted groups fighting it out, are there any Syrians involved in there?  Count the dead, the millions or so refugees all over the neighbouring countries, are there any Syrians left?

Heck, I'm not even sure it's me writing this post.