dimanche 17 mars 2013

From a political orphan

Philippe Couillard has just elected as the new provincial Liberal leader.  To me, he represents all that was wrong with our Liberals.  Under his guidance they will become another center right party sharing the vote with the C.A.Q. (Coalition Avenir Québec).
Then there will be the hodge podge of sovereignist parties more or less center left, well Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale, far left.  But, I am not a sovereignist, nor a center rightist.
So, from now on, where should  a center left voter go to?
In the next election, I guess I will have to cast a white bulletin.  First time in my life.

dimanche 10 mars 2013

How did we get there?

Canadians and Canada have always been, save under very particular circumstances, pacifists and mediators; having a balanced approach to world crisis and rivalries.  We now have a saber rattling and very partisan government, more Israelite than the Israelis and putting us all in line with whatever the U.S. government deems good for it's citizens.
WE have virtually become the 51st star on the Star Spangled Banner.  Yet, although having a majority of seats in the House of Commons, Mr Harper got only 40%  of the popular vote.  That guy said; "Give me a majority and in 5 years you will not recognize this country!"  The way he is going about destroying all that we were, by golly, he is keeping his promise.
And no one can say that they were not told.