vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Meeting of minds

I have been so busy writing, lately, that I did not have time to blog.  My two study groups at MILR are rather demanding and they consume much ink.  But it is so rewarding to share thoughts and knowledge with other equally curious and loquacious people.
One group you have, on a previous blog, an example of what we do.  The other is on Québec history.  it is a remarquable group by it's make up: francophones, anglophones and allophones.  We are from diverse school systems and even diverse provinces or countries.
The Canadians amongst us have all learned their history...but, learned in Ontario or New Brunswick, in Québec's English or French schools, it sounds somewhat different.  We are trying to harmonize our views.  So far, war has not broken out and we do have a certain conscensus.  It is all about being open minded and it somehow works.
History, after all, is not black and white but infinite shades of grey.