mercredi 30 décembre 2009

Once more!

Well he did it again.  Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper in hot water and deep doodoo over the torture of Afghan prisoners and Copenhagen has gone to the Governor General and got leave to shut down the legislature. Thus everything dies on the Agenda and he is free to rule as he pleases.  The Commons were to reconvene on January 25, instead a new Speech from the Throne will be delivered March 3 and a new budget March 4.
Currently the surveys are favorable to the Conservatives, not in majority territory still, but likely to produce a slitghtly better minority.  With the Liberals in disarray, the Bloc Québécois losing some grab in Québec and a freshly  Conservatives packed Senate, expect a wave of conservative senators nominations in the coming weeks, Harper may end up getting what he wants on harsher criminal laws, scuttling the gun registry and doing nothing climate wise.
Wanna bet on a spring election?