dimanche 3 octobre 2010


Today the U.S. government has advised its citizens to avoid airports, train stations and underground transportation when traveling abroad because of terrorist threats.  It says U.S. interests and citizens are at severe risk of being attacked.
It sounds as if the terrorists are winning the war of nerves…unless said government is cleverly playing on fear to build up the case against Iran.   Iran, the rogue state developing nuclear power, maybe for weapons production, advocating the destruction of Israel and supporting terrorism in neighbouring Iraq and Afghanistan and, why not, elsewhere,  is a danger to world peace.
The military/industrial complex has been rattling sabres for a few years over Iran.  Cranking up fears through innuendos and travel advices would be a nice way to prepare the world to a pre-emptive strike à la W.M.D in Iraq.  Sinister echoes seem to reverberate here.