dimanche 6 décembre 2009


Not so long ago, this time of year or any other time for that matter, when you met someone you would inquire about his health and that of his wife or husband and family.  These days when I meet someone I inquire about his or her health...and wait for him or her to bring about the subject of his or her marital and family status.
I came to do that after a few embarrassing moments of "we have divorced 2 months ago, or my son died of aids some weeks ago" and so on and so forth.  So until I get a signal that the person still has a spouse or family, I refrain from asking.
Same thing about this time of year.  We used to part company with a resounding "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".  Now you say "Happy Holidays" not even Holydays because you never know wether the guy celebrates Noel, Hanukah, Kwanza (that is the latest I became aware of) or some Adah or even nothing.

So, as of this year I have come to part with:"Merry whatever you may be celebrating".  This way, save for hard defendersnt of laycity, I guess I do not step on too many toes.
Merry, Feliz, Buona...............(fill in the dots).