dimanche 8 novembre 2009


I've been blogging for some 6 months maybe a little more and commenting on other's blogs for over a year.  Save for Neil McKenty and Le Bourlingueur I have never met face to face with the people I share my thoughts with.  Yet they have taught me me many things.
From Neil and the Commentator I learned that a blog can be a political tool to promote one's points of views be they left or right leaning.  Discussing on Neil's and Commentator's,(or Alessandro) I have been confronted with people I would not spontaneously have been inclined to deal with...but have learned to accept as they are...and respect their ideas without suscribing to them.
Abe Lincoln has shown me, but he is unaware of it, to use pictures.  They are a potent tool to convey one's feelings and moods.  Erin has put me in contact with a type of poetry I can get in tune with and I thank her for that.
Café Philos has reconciled me with philosophy and introspection and Rosaria has shown me how you can go back on your personal life and story without being preachy nor boastful.
Man of Roma has rekindled my love for history and the humanities he even woke up the slumbering latinist in me.  Besides, through his correspondants I slowly become more aware of how people think in India, Japan, China and other Oriental places.  What an enrichment.
From my old friend and colleague, Jean-Guy le Bourlingueur, I have learned that when a Westerner gets immersed in India, he forgets to keep up with his blog.  Must be the atmosphere out there.