lundi 6 septembre 2010

Nos marathonniennes

Hier, le 5 septembre, avait lieu le Marathon international de Montréal. Au volet professionnel s'ajoutait un volet populaire et amateur. un peu plus de 22 000 personnes y ont participé. Le volet populaire comportait des étapes de 20,10, 5 et 1 kilomètres (pour les 3 à 12 ans). Notre belle-fille, Nicole, a couru le 10 kilomètres en un peu plus d'une heure pendant que notre petite-fille, Ariane, 4 ans six mois, courait le kilomètre sous la surveillance de son grand frère, Alexis, bientôt 15 ans. Ariane nous assure n'avoir pas arrêté de courir pendant tout le parcours. Nos fières coureuses ont toutes deux reçu une médaille commémorative de leur participation. Le grand frère, vu son statut d'accompagnateur et non de coureur, n'a rien reçu mais n'en est pas moins méritant.
On les voit ici le lendemain, endolories mais heureuses.
Toute la famille leur offre ses vives félicitations.
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  1. Yeah, a new header, and new marathoners! Congratulations.

  2. Stringy old weightlifter salutes young runners (I can't run for my life, just give me something heavy to lift... but of course I envy people who can run at all!)

    And the new header rocks, though I did like the previous one as well -- it had a timeless serenity to it.

  3. Félicitations a vos marathonniennes. Tremendous accomplishments.

    I like the new header. Is there some significance to the fact that you're up to your neck in water?

  4. Thank you all for your appreciation of our runners and of my new look.
    I thought this one fitted with the coming fall season and the header will remind me (and you) that there is such a thing as summer and water fun. The picture was taken in a "cenote", an underground river, at No Hoch and is extracted from a CD produced by the guides who accompanied us all day long and sold to us before we left. Who said the Mexicans were lazy and slow?

  5. Wonderful photo of you Paul. You look vigorous and focused (two attributes I strive for, myself...)

    And a hearty congratulations to the marathoners! What a adorable picture with medals, accomplishment, and a proud photographer to recognize the occasion.

    I will add, here, Paul, that in Northern California, the Mexican people are noted for their work ethic.

  6. Thank you for your comments Cheri.
    The photo header was taken by the No Hoch photographer accompanying our little group that day and we were totally unaware of that guy until his flash went on.
    As for the Mexicans in Northern California, I'm glad to hear that. The picture painted by the US press is far from that. Of course good and honest people do not make news that sells newspapers.

  7. Et mes félicitations aussi!

  8. Merci Richard, votre visite est toujours un plaisir. J'ai tardé à répondre car j'étais à l'extérieur de la ville.

  9. Beautiful family picture, and also the header one, although I was attached to the previous one. Grandchildren, one thing I don't have yet.

    Congratulazioni a tutta la famiglia.

  10. Molto grazie Giovanni.
    The pictures were taken while we were on the Riviera Maya in Mexico last month. They represent nice memories.