vendredi 3 août 2012

Oh well!

When I turned 6 or 7, I started losing my baby teeth, not unlike anybody else, and grow my adult ones.  When I turned 30, the upper half quit on me.  When I turned 70, all but three of the remaining lower teeth retired.  I have now, on July 13, lost those three loyal ones.
Of course I had to get new prosthesis.  My trusted dentutologist now was 90 kilometers away, I had to find another one.  Just in the medico-dental center there happened to be a team, so I went.  Turns out the team was a father and daughter one.  The father began the job before leaving on vacation and daughter finished it before going on maternity leave.
That association seemed to confirm a trend I have noticed, lately, in our province.  More and more we see business signs, even in small construction businesses stating: "So &So et fille or filles"; there is a pastry shop somewhere nearby called " Mme et ses filles".
Our women are really taking their place everywhere, it calls for adjustments for everybody and it creates, I believe, a mellower business environmemnt...altough some females can be just as ferocious, and at times even more, than any male around.
"Times, they are achangin'".  Can't remember who wrote or said that, but is it ever true.

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  1. oH this is funmy!
    Perhaps, with the automatic Google translation, it is even funnier.

  2. I did not try Google translate on that. However, it has improved some. I tried it yesterday on Sledpress's german citation...and it made sense.

  3. Wow! I will have to try it on Haushofer.

    I suspect that "&fille" might produce an interesting variation in dynamic since even I admit that daughters are more prone to seek their fathers' high opinion while sons do often have that desire to outperform the old man.

    I will not contest at all your observation about ferociousness.

  4. Well, the daughter did say that should anything be too difficult, she would wait for daddy's return,,,but all went well.

  5. I recently discovered a barber shop that is run by a woman and her niece. I normally hate haircuts, but this place was different. The niece gave me exactly the cut I wanted. So I am even -- for the first time in my life -- looking forward to my next haircut. And I love the idea of patronizing a local business, rather than a chain.

  6. My barber is also a barberess (if the word exists, of course). Pepino owns the place and all his employees are women one being his daughter.

  7. so sorry you are losing your teeth (having recently lost one myself)

    but i love hearing about the signs stating Mme et ses filles.....what a breath of fresh air - could use more of these signs in the States.

  8. Our Canadian women are more assertive but less flamboyant than the U.S. women. Less vociferous but more efficient.