lundi 12 septembre 2011

It hapened

This summer, we, the wife and I, met face to face with MoR and Flavia in Montreal then in Rome.  Yesterday, in Montreal, we spent the day with Cheri and Judge Blah, nothing blah about the judge, a lively fellow and a pleasure to talk with.
Fascinating to see virtual relationships becoming factual.  When MoR and Flavia came to Montreal, we met Devinder,  Montreal blogger and almost met the Commentator, out of Laval.  MoR was the link between us and the other two.

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  1. Exciting and interesting the connections we make. Must be fun to meet bloggers in person.

  2. It is, indeed, great fun to meet our interlocutors in person and with Giovanni and Raffaella, Cheri and Ron it was great fun all the way and we interacted as if we had known each other since childhood.

  3. i agree with rob - it is wonderful to meet blogworld friends in person. i've had the pleasure once so far - almost twice (missed meeting a friend in rome last year).

    how wonderful that you were able to meet up with these folks and transform cyber friendships into the face to face kind!


  4. Should I remind you that I was the link to Cheri, probably, and surely to Devinder, but you were my link to the Commentator?

    The Commentator, as you know, has a special way of his own. I loved his rants on the Quebecois over at my blog for example.

    By the way, I was impressed by your detailed reportage du voyage européen soon after you came back home. You showed discipline. I instead had so many notes on my Canadian trip on a copybook but since I was on blog vacation when I got back, I didn’t post them. Then, 15 days later, I thought they were not worth publishing - I was on a pessimistic trip because of Manius - so they are still on my copybook.

  5. Hello Amanda, glad that you agree with me.
    MoR, I wrote my journal on my portable computer every other day or so. When I got home, all that was left to do was edit, copy and paste. That simple.
    You were indeed the link to Cheri and Devinder, and did I link you with T.C.? I don't remember.

  6. dear paul,

    quelle suprise!

    i had stopped coming to your blog because of the difficulty with trying to read the french posts. but as always continue to enjoy your comments wherever i find them.

    now i see that you have met MoR and Cheri!

    i always knew he was real,of course. it was the hannibal blog that introduced me to you three and to jenny.

    and recently it seems there has been radio silence.

    i enjoy very much MoR's blog , but with the aphasia find it difficult to read long posts. He graciously understands.

  7. Dafna, I post in English when I find it advisable. My autobiography is in French because it is aimed at my French speaking, though bilingual, family and my, some unilingual French, friends.