mardi 31 août 2010

Hobo is gone

No one believed it but our daughters have given Hobo up for adoption.  They had put the pictures on our SPCA site some weeks ago.  Five people called while we were in Mexico last week.  Friday a credible candidate came...and Hobo (Esmeralda) is now living elswhere and has become companion of a 4 years old she cat.
It will not be final before another three weeks to see if she adapts to her new environmemt but if all  goes as it did here, no doubt, the adoption will become permanent.
As Le Capitaine Bonhomme would have said: "Les sceptiques seront confondus".

4 commentaires:

  1. Welcome home, Senor Paul!

    I trust you and your family had a marvelous time in Mexico.

    While you were gone, we diddled and daddled, awaiting your return, wit, and wise counsel.

    Hobo is no longer a hobo, no?

  2. It looks like Hobo has settled down.
    I will post shortly about Mexico.

  3. I was alarmed until I read the post and realized she had been adopted, rather than absconded.

    I feel a twinge, even though she was only a denizen of a blog friend's house and hence a quite remote member of my circle. But her story did win my heart.

  4. The nurse, single and new house owner, was found most sympathetic by my daughters who assessed her thoroughly before letting the cat go...for a 30 day probation period.