mardi 31 août 2010

No Hoch

The worst part was the Unimog ride. The tyrolean (or zip line), the bicycle, the walking, lots of it, the cenote and the caverns were a cinch. But I'm still aching and blue from the Unimog.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the real Mexico and the tourist Mexico. Your aches and pains will be good memories too.

  2. Aches and pains indeed, and a major frustration: Chichen Itza. Now don't get me wrong, Chichen Itza is a wonderfull place, one of UNESCO's World Marvels . But, there, I understood Jesus's ire at the Temple merchants.
    Vendors are all over the place, they swarm you. Children as young as 4 0r 5 offer you small embroidered square napkins for "1$US", everything is 1$US until one gets to pay.
    We did not buy anything but the experience is most frustrating. The place inspires meditation...and you have to look at your feet for fear of trampling child vendors.

  3. At least you can ride a bicycle, which is more than I can do. Science says the bumblebee cannot fly and I say a bicycle cannot stay upright, and I stoutly maintain that position even though bumblebees and bicycles are doing their thing all around me.

    The Tyrolean looks like great fun.

    Best vacation pictures I've seen in quite a while. But after your descriptions of the swarming children and the Unimog, I'm glad it was you and not me.

  4. I fell with the bicycle...before the start of the ride. Once on the way my old skills, dormant for more than 20 years, revived and all went smoothly. The Unimog was akin to, but I never tried it, bronco riding in a rodeo...I guess. It was the major bruising cause.