vendredi 22 mai 2009


Rosaria tagged me today. Reminds me of my youth: tag, you're it.
So six unimportant things which make me happy:
1) Chatting with my grandson;
2) The smile, not frequent, of my granddaughter;
3) A black-headed grosbeak couple at my backyard feeder;
4) A ride in my beloved Laurentian Hills, we call them mountains but the Rockies' folks figure it's a gross exaggeration;
5) Meeting old friends;
6) Crossword puzzles.

Six blogs to play along:
1) The Commentator;
2) Marc-Aurele;
3) Neil McKenty;
4) Tony Kondaks;
5) Chimera;
6) Barbara.
Hope I did it right.

2 commentaires:

  1. Perfect! Doesn't this feel like elementary school? It's a youthful truth or dare sort of game, revealing in some ways, but harmless as well. Glad to know you better.

  2. "TAG" says it all. Can't remember playing it since I quit being a Scoutmaster in 1959 when I went to work for a juvenile delinquent facility. I needed to see something else than adolescents all day and all night long.