jeudi 21 mai 2009


This morning I felt nobody was reading this blog. Tonight, I have three members. Of course, from the onset, Rosaria was kind enough to comment on my bread making; it helped a lot. Then The Commentator wrote: "A face to the man", so he had been on the blog.
I must admit that I am still testing the ground. I have many ideas about which I would like to write or comment, problem is organizing them...and documenting them. One that I have been toying with: how canada went from peace keeper to warmonger? Lestr B. Pearson then our foreign affairs minister won the Nobel Peace Prize, in 1957, for inventing the U.N. Peacekeepers. Then we went into Afghanistan under a U.N. mandate...but stayed under NATO and became an occupation force disguised as a nation building mission???
Well I'll keep working on it. (To be continued...I hope)

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  1. Costo, congratulations on growing followers. It takes a while to reach folks. You may need to shop around, visit and leave comments where you feel comfortable. Then, in a few weeks, you'll not worry about being a voice in the desert.

    Now, for the subject at hand. Tell us more...

  2. Thank you. I still have to research it a bit before writing about it...but I'm on it.

  3. Paul, I didn't know you had a blog or I'd have commented much earlier.

    Blogs need time to draw traffic. When I started I had really few readers and it continued like that for a while. No Italian ever arrived (except a few). The the Indians popped in, and later the rest, which is not much compared to many blogs. The Indians taught me that both good content and linking are important. You won't have problems with the former, once you are at ease with this tool. I mean, if you continue writing like you did at my blog (you were one of the best commenters ever) you'll potentially have many like-minded readers. As for linking, people must know you exist (as it was my case). So leave a link to your blog - - wherever you comment. For the rest virtual life is like real life. You receive if you give.

    So get prepared man. I'll flood you :-)

    Vale Amicus!

  4. Forgot to thank you for the award Rosaria has honoured me with. I owe this to you. Ciao.

  5. Sur le plan culturel, MoR, votre blog est imbattable et nous apporte beaucoup. Celui de Maithri est d'un autre ordre et tout aussi méritoire sur le plan humanitaire t poétique.

  6. Imbattable. Cela me semble trop, surtout dit par un comme vous, a man of value, sage, knowledgeable, on pourrai meme y croire. Mais Paul, la culture à la vieille manière, est-ce qu'elle vaut quelque chose aujourd'hui? Le monde est en train de redevenir barbare. Un nuovo medioevo alle porte, con fondamentalismi partout? Spero di no.

    That guy, he is like a saint, and a poet. Il etait vraiment meritoire. I'll get back to his blog.


  7. I say to my children that it is ridiculous that we support a society in Saudi Arabia just as repressive of women's rights as the Taliban. They have come to see our foreign policy as an abberation on a par with the Bush/Cheney agenda of the last few years. I hope a new generation will return Canada to the the position of respect from the rest of the world that we had under Pearson.

  8. @MoR, Thank you for the high opinion you have of me...I will try not to disappoint you.
    @Marc-Aurèle: Nos gouvernements ont suivi de beaucoup trop près les politiques de l'administration Bush et nos positions biaisées en faveur d'Israël nous ont fait perdre ce qu'il nous restait de crédibilité.
    As for the Saudis, they belong to the same fundamentalist current than the Taliban and they have supplied the Al Qaeda cadres...but they have the sacrosanct oil reserves. When that is exhausted, they are kaput

  9. @Marc-Aurèle

    In fact, as far as barbarism, I was referring to the mounting fanaticism (with islamofascists leading the choir), even though sometimes I'm a bit intolerant with the intolerant or to the ways of some clergy here.

    Hard for me to understand why on the whole America is for Israel only. Is the Jewish lobby there that powerful? A more balanced policy wouldn't be wiser and more according to justice?

    A feature request Paul. I can't copy and paste from a word processor into these comment boxes. See if you can do something about it. But if you can't, resta in pace.

  10. Mam of Roma, I have no idea how to cut and paste on this blog. However, thank you for allowing me to rest in peace nevertheless.
    As for "America" and the Jewish state, I must say that the USA have always had a strong bias in favor of it, it got stronger under Bush. Obama is trying, ever so subtly, to balance things but the "American Jewish Congress" is politically powerful.
    Up to the Harper regime Canada had had a rather balanced policy towards the Palestine/Israel question and was a credible party to discussions. Harper, a Bush clone, destroyed all that.

  11. So I imagine you fight a lot with Commentator over that. What does he think about this Bush clone? By the way, there is a post at his blog where we engage in a conversation on religion (as usual.) I've been a good boy this time, trust me. Wondered if you wanted to offer your take on that.

    Até logo mais

  12. Well there are some topics that I agree with him some of the time, others not at all. Harper and capitalism are two of our disagreements. Religion? We do not disagree. I believe in God but I am leary of any organized religious system.

  13. I know you two don't disagree on religion.

    And I cannot but feel excited you don't escape the power of Rome.

  14. @Man of Roma: I'm not a church goer and I steer my own way with God and my conscience. Of course my childhood and early adult life were strongly influenced by Rome...and to a lesser extent Greek Orthodoxy. However Vatican II raised my doubts and the Conservative Popes finished the job.

  15. Paul, I was joking, hope I don't appear like a Roman imperialist. By 'the power of Rome' I meant there are chances in my view that Christianity would not have spread so much if the Roman emperors, id est Rome, didn't decide to promote this religion. Of course this is a mere historical reflection, don't want to get into a 'Christianity won because it was the will of God' type of thing. History and theology should be separated I believe.

    If this is even partially true, you both didn't escape the power of Rome.

    And I'm in a such Roman ego trip I'm quaking all over.

  16. Quake man, quake. In Québec the Church called the shots from the very beginning in 1600 to 1960 when the so-called Quiet Revolution shook it's power and foundations. It coincided with an acceleration of urbanization and a decrease of the rural population.
    In villages, the village priest could have more influence than the urban parrish priest not as close to his flock. The changes brought by Vatican II, for many, was the final straw. The mass, the rituals, the music ceased to be something special and were closer to protestant meetings...and it did not sit well with the population.
    However, unlike in Europe, the people did not adhere to integrist Monsignor Lefebvre, they just quit the Church. as I did.
    The Italian community remains much closer to the Church than the Francophone one but I can't speak for Il Commentator.

  17. Call me The Quaker then.

    Mmmm, this makes me think. The quiet revolution. Closer to protestant meetings. All churches empty. I saw a progam on TV on empty Canadian churches, they had to sell many precious wooden statues of Christ, Madonna, bambino. A pity, they were pieces of history. But were people understanding the mass in Latin? I liked the idea of Vatican II, of getting the religion to the people. Of course, a lot of charm was broken. The protestants. Hard for us to build a context in our minds in order to understand, we're are not living there.

    Oh, the Italians there, I can understand them. It's their Church, like an ombelico, umbelicus mundi.

    Although, Paul, I was referring to the origin of it all, much much earlier in time (of course.) Chances are that without emperors Costantinus and Theodosius who exploited this new religion to strengthen their grip ...

    So Rome is Rome to you in any case, as far as I see it, and if your churches are dusty, your mind is Christian anyway.

    Is the quaker is still quaking? Bah.