mercredi 5 septembre 2012

The coin has been tossed

...and fell on the edge:  54 P.Q. MNAs and 50 Liberals, 19 Coalit6ion Avenir Québec and 2 Québec Solidaire.  We should have some very interesting moments in the coming months...and maybe a new elction within the next 12 months; but the Liberals will have to choose a new leader before we have one since the the ex-prime minister has resigned his leadership after being beaten in his own county.
Sic transit gloria mundi.

4 commentaires:

  1. The ''new election'' part is what i raise my hands to: the truth might have prevailed this time, for all the people i encounter have nowadays way different beliefs. In fact, i cannot put the finger on it, probably might continue my journey to simpler stuff for a simple lack of understanding, as I believe things will go worse before they get better.... This being said, we all have what we need inside to drive the future ahead.

  2. Salut Robin, j'ai plaisir te voir ici. Je partage tout à fait ta vision.

  3. I confess to complete and culpable ignorance of the issues. Fortunately, at least one of my favorite bloggers pays attention to these matters, and I thought you might be interested in his commentary:

    I am never so sure that a coin has landed solidly on one side or the other, myself.

  4. Interesting reference. Our political situation is quite different from yours. Our Federal government has more powers than your's and our Pime minister has freer reins than your President. Our Provincial governments have clear Provincial jurisdictions where the Feds may negoiate some input but can not impose it and there are shared jurisdictions, for instance, criminal law is federal but it's implementation is a provincial responsibility, civil law is strictly a provincial matter and Québec's civil law is not the same as in other parts of Canada where the British inspired Common Law prevails.
    Our provincial premiers have powers akin to your governors.
    Monetary and miltary policise are Federal but our provinces can negotiate international accords in cultural and commercial matters and Québec has a seat at UNESCO within the Canadian delegation and is a participating governement in the Agence de la Francophonie Mondiale with full diplomatic status.
    Hard to follow? You bet, but never a dull moment. Another quirk: Québec has never signed the Constitutional document of 1982...but it applies to us nonetheless.
    Crazy Canucks, they say.