dimanche 12 juin 2011


For over a month now we have been having rain, at times very heavy, most days. Thirty minutes from here on lake Champlain and the Richelieu river several thousand people have been flooded for the last 60 days. Yesterday, 2000 volunteers went there to help clean the mess and 1000 more today. Over the next two weekends 3000 more will pitch in to remove 500 000 sandbags, various debris carried in by the current and salvage whatever can be salvaged. Today it rained cats and dogs raising new fears that the water would rise again.
Tonight around 7 PM this rainbow appeared over our street. Let's hope it announces the deluge's end.
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9 commentaires:

  1. What has been done with the cats that rained?

  2. Il pleut trop, je pense.

    I do hope things are drier for you.

    We need some rain in Northern Saskatchewan to fight our forest fires. Could you send some from Québèc for us? SVP. Merci.

  3. Hélas non, cher Ours. Our weather systems usually comes from the US Midwest or up the Atlantic coast. WE can not control that, can we?

  4. Soon, you'll be talking about the need for rain. Yes, we need so many things from mother nature in a timely way; I wonder if there is an app. for that!
    Greetings from another wet spot.

  5. The one silver lining in a natural catastrophe, such as the floods you are having, is that it brings people together, as shown by all the thousands of volunteers cleaning up the mess.

    The sun will shine again. After all, tomorrow is another day.

  6. No Rosaria, no apps for that.
    And you are so right Phoggy Days, Phoggy Nights. Thanks for the visit.

  7. poli oraio, auto to ouranio toxo.

  8. Dear Amanda, despite my name, I do not know the Greek language so I'm not sure I understand your post.
    Poli is "much" and "oraio" must have something to do with "word" maybe even "pray", "ouranio" must be the "weather" and "toxo" "bad". You are praying about bad weather that we are having over here?
    I tried to remember my college Greek, but that is over 60 years back.
    Thanks for the thought.