mardi 15 mars 2011

Microsoft mystery.

Today, I swithched from Explorer 6 to  Explorer 9.  Since then, my blog has become a one way street, traffic inward only.  If I use Chrome, everything is fine.  Go figure!

9 commentaires:

  1. I'm lost most of the time under these conditions.

    Happy birthday, dear friend!

  2. Thank you Rosaria. Glad to know I'm not the only lost one.

  3. Explorer is the Edsel of the Internet.

    I have ordered Retsina for your birthday over at Roma's.

  4. "Explorer is the Edsel of the Internet." Yes, I can entirely agree with that. Firefox and Safari are both good options.

    If your came to the west, and used Chrome, would you have "Chrome on the Range?" All these difficult questions are too much for an old Bear late at night.

  5. Ford learned from Edsel but Microsoft does not seem to follow the example.
    Sledpress, I drank the Retsina, thank you.
    Bear, never would usurp your range.

  6. How come you switched from IE6 to IE9 without passing through IE7 and IE8?

  7. I erred, I was on IE8, sorry for the mistake. I'm on Windows 7 family premium edition with Office 2007 that I got online. That is also a problem for some of my
    friends still on 2003 but I can transpose.

  8. You're on Blogger, a third-party platform, unless I'm gravely mistaken. I'm not sure I understand in what way your visitors' experience could be influenced by what kind of browser and other software you're using at home.

  9. The problem between Word 2007 and Word 2003 does not concern blogging. It's only when Emailing files to someone.
    There is absolutely no problem with the blog when browsing with Chrome but it is one way only with IE9, that is comments come in but not out.
    Main thing is that I still can communicate with Chrome...and its faster than Explorer.