jeudi 3 mars 2011

An explanation, please?

Our various competition and free market watchdogs tell us that there is no collusion amongst oil companies to set the price of gas at the pump.  So, pray tell, how can it be that, last night, the price was $1.23.4 a litre at 8 P.M. everywhere, regardless of the banner carried by the outlet, and this morning at 5 A.M. it was $1.33.9 everywhere.
Who gave the signal and how while we innocent lambs were sleeping?  Do they all have the same supplier or are they a one and only company operating under several names?
A sensible answer anyone?

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  1. As it is with the mind of God, the workings of Market Forces are unfathomable.

  2. Philippe, I believe in God but I am most skeptical about market forces. I think they have a generic name: investors greed.
    As long as the lambs accept being fleeced that will go on.
    Heck in Africa and Asia dictators have fallen because of their greed but then of course this is Canada and we do not revolutions do.

  3. I paid $3.72 for mid-grade gas in Bonita Springs, FL this eve (along with a lot of Canadians who are here right now). I wonder how much gas we buy from Libya, and how much more we need to buy from somebody else to make up the difference? Just asking.

  4. J’ai lu quelque part que, en faite, oui, la plupart des stations services achètent l’essence ches les mêmes fournisseurs en gros. Quand au commentaire dont je vous parlais, ce n’était pas Rosaria qui avait dit que les Etats-Unis était le meilleur pays, cela venait d’un blog qui se nomme Gaston Studio. J’ai été regarder et c’est une dame qui est originaire de la Géorgie et qui habite la Caroline du Nord – donc un sentiment bien sudiste. Je sais – j’habite à côté d’Atlanta!

  5. @Zeus: one gallon equals 3.89 litres so that is roughly $0.97 per litre for mid, the price we pay is for ordinary unleaded or 84 octane.

    @Vagabonde: c'est en effet Mme Gaston Studio qui avait fait cette affirmation, Rosaria est plus modérée et n'aurait jamais dit ça.
    Le Sud demeure très différent du Nord mais les gens sont quand même moins stressés que dans le Nord, le rythme de vie plus relax, du moins c'est ce que j'ai perçu quand j'ai séjourné, avec ma famille, en Caroline du Nord.

  6. As long as 'the lambs accept being fleeced: that will go on' theory, I agree with it. Greed is at the base of capitalism. Unfortunately I don't see any other alternative.

  7. Unfortunately, as you say MoR, there is, presently, no other palatable alternative.

  8. To some extent, this could be useful. Not everybody needs to drive a gas hog. When prices go up, that point gets emphasized nicely. It just hurts the rest of us too.

  9. "It just hurt the rest of us too".
    Yes, and in more than one way because it affects goods transportation costs thus raising the prices of goods across the board. Plane tickets go up as does other costs for public transit systems. Prices are not simply going up at the pump. And even those without cars are affected including those who can the least afford it.

  10. You want a sensible answer, Paul, to the workings of "market forces"?

    Market forces have their own internal consistency which bears no resemblance to "sensible" in the rest of the world.

    How's that?

    I didn't think it was very good, either. Domage, encore!

    But what does a Poodle really know about such things? Perhaps rosaria can help us.

  11. bon anniversaire mon ami!

    you don't look a day over 75!

  12. @Miss Sadie, you know as much and maybe more than I do.
    @Dafna, thank you for the flattering comment and shalom.