dimanche 6 février 2011

Black and white

We had snow and wind overnight, several inches. But that is nothing compared to what some others recieved. However nobody was surfing on that wave.
This construction, I'm told, is a squirrel nest, has survived, to my knowledge, at least 6 years since I first saw it above our backyard. It could also be a bird of prey's, we have many around here.
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  1. I noticed you Canadians don't complain much about the weather. And your constructions, including that bird's nest, must consider the elements carefully, year after year.

    I've had a mild winter, by comparison. Nevertheless, I'm ready for spring.

  2. L'hiver est ici. Vraiment. And when it's winter, well . . . rosaria understands.

    But, as Paul Somon noted in his song "Kodachrome, "everything looks worse in black and white."


  3. Well housed, well clothed, well heated and winter is not so bad, even enjoyable. A snow storm and wind driven snow can create wonderful, if ephemeral, scenery.
    Of course we also, save for Toronto and Windsor, our most southern city, almost level with Maryland, all the heavy equipment and melting stuff needed to keep going even in very severe weather.
    As for black and white, not the scotch, I find it appealing for the aura of mistery it provides. A good detective flick is always better in b/w. Hitchcock is not Hitchcock in Kodachrome.

  4. In Chicago (I think of this looking at your first photo) signs at the foot of skyscrapers warn us to watch for falling ice. What would I do once I saw it coming?

  5. Stay close to the wall or dash indoor, if a door is available. An umbrella, of course, would be useless or as I read once in a Prince Edward Island propane gaz depot "run like hell".
    The sign was a fire warning. In full it read: "if you see a flame, run like hell; if you are still alive, call the fire department".

  6. Paul, I'm posting my response to your Villon poem here also, in case you don't stop back by my place. Just having fun. Feel free to point out my mistakes.

    Flora est morte; Héloïs: disparue;
    Mais les neiges, nous en avons de plus en plus!

    Les neiges d’aujourd’hui et les neiges d’antan,
    Mais où, mon ami, où est le printemps?

  7. Jenny, I answered at your place. And there is nothing to point...out or at?, as MoR would say, I'll leave that to Vienna.

  8. Jenny... I think of Flanders and Swann and the comment in one of their programmes about the signs near airports, BEWARE LOW FLYING PLANES. "What are you supposed to do about that?" speculated Flanders. "Take your hat off?"

  9. WE also have "Beware low flying helicopters". Of course a helicopter swirl can easily take your hat off.

  10. I get US Army helicopters over my house all the time. I have adopted hats with a chin strap.

  11. Are they protcting you or the cute engineer?