lundi 19 avril 2010

Fresh air please

Tonight, I should not be writing since I'm tired and fed up with all the goings on in our neck of the woods and elsewhere.  Is there some place somewhere not corrupted to the bone?  A place where competent people can get a job without being suspected of being cronies of so and so or of a political party of whatever srtipes?
These days I feel that we have all become quite jaded and disillusioned by our so called leaders regardless of where we live.
Have a look around:  Harper is up to his neck in shady business within his governement, so is Jean Charest in Québec;  Obama is somehow a diappointment with his half baked health reform and his foreign policy;  George Brown in England had to sanction his people about their expenses and we will not even mention Silvio.
Karzai, the man our young ones are dying for is flirting with the Talibans and their drug money.
Heck! Should we call in Ahmadinejad or Khadafy, at least they are honest about their ruthlessness?
I did not mention France, the rest of Europe, Africa and Asia, my computer would have crashed.

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  1. Well, instead of thinking about how screwed up so many things are in the world today. I'll try to focus on the beautiful picture on this blog. Is this where you live?

    I also like the new look!

    Last night, our class spent the entire evening on the poetry of William Wordsworth, and although I studied his works long ago, in my older age, I was inspired by his beautiful soothing references to nature.

  2. The picture was taken at a chalet where we spent a week last summer. It is at Lac la Truite in the Laurentides north west of lonGueil and Montreal.
    Recent events in our political world may be getting to my goat. Will have to watch it.

  3. Love the new picture at the top. Heck, Paul, the world is mostly corrupt. Unless citizens keep pressure on their leaders, corruption will run rampant. WE senior citizens have the time to stay involved, keep up with the news, and express our opinions.

    Enjoy the fresh air.

  4. Thank you Rosaria. I guess I was a bit down when I wrote that. Even though things are not getting better, my spirit is somewhat more serene today.

  5. I was a faithful party hack for many years. I look back on those times (I was a tech. guy, not a policy wonk) with very fond memories. At the same time, I saw the party leadership squander a lot of opportunities for what seemed short term, or no gain at all.

    That said, I am always amazed at how I can pull up the Internet and find a way to fix a hand mower, learn about inks and papers or further investigate an author or playwright I want to explore. There is so much to learn and enjoy and the start is often only a few clicks away.

    Obviously, the Internet isn't the only thing in life. In fact, it is my tool to do more. Today, I went over the mountain, as I often do, and drove around, stopping at a few places, trying a new to me route back over the mountain. It was a beautiful day after a night of steady, light rain that made for a cool, very lush and green day.

  6. A drive over the Blue Mountains or the Smokies is quite something. I guess you are not far from the Bkue Mountains, no?
    I have the political bug but I never was a hack of any party though I have a strong social-democrat streak, Unfortunately, in Québec and Canada, these days, social-democrats have a hard time finding suitable politicians. Even the NDP is moving to the right.

  7. I live the the Shennandoah Valley. Mountains are us. The Blue Ridge and Alleghenies are the pretty much the front and back door of the place. I lived in the mountains and valleys of No. California earlier in my life. The level ground of the Upper Midwest is a distant memory.

    Mine is an unabashedly, if moderate, in the GOP camp blog. I have little patience for fringers on either end. I don't need another religion, and I don't need politics to be my creed. The balance point is a moving target.

    Today, I was sent on a honey-do list of errands back over Mt. Afton to Charlottesville. I had a fun time. I love the overlooks, the gaps, the haze, the sun, the green and sky. There is something about living in and around mountains.

  8. We all go through these spells. In fact, my mood very much coincides with my posts. It's therapeutic. It's good to step back.

    Nice pic. But if it were me I'd hold a piece of raw meat above my head and bite into it.

  9. @Zeus: I do also love to go for a drive in my beloved Laurentides. Unfortunately they are 50 kilometers away and I have to cross Montreal and Laval to get to them. A painful trip.
    @Commentator: Raw meat is not my bag. How can you hold something ABOVE your head and at the same time BITE into it?

  10. Ah ah you guys are something and make me spend great time in front of this darn screen. Why the hell are you worried Costo? Whatever situation you have it is better than Silvio. "We will not even mention Silvio". Infatti, do not, un favore grande mi fai. Better, as Cheri says, watching you and the lovely Lac la Truite, ou, j’imagine, il y aura pas mal de truites, otherwise I don't see the reason for such a name.

    How can Commentator bite something above his head, I also wondered about. Maybe he has longer teeth than we do, or the meat is drooping all over.

    I don't understand. 50 km, especially in Canada are nothing. You necessarily have to cross Montreal? How about ringroads?

  11. No ring roads so those 50 kilometers can take, in heavy traffic or bad weather, up to two houra to travel. as for Lac La Truite, it once, some 80 to 100 years ago, had trout in it. No longer because of overfishing, it is a rather small lake.
    An autoroute, A15, built on the mountain side above it killed the lake until the authorities realized that the abrasives spread on the road in winter were transforming it in a salt water lake.
    Over the last 15 tears or so they have stopped salting and some marine life is slowly coming back to it; it will be several years before it once more lives up to it's name.

  12. That is incredible. The human species is really a dangerous one. We are lucci, pikes pickerels, gedds, luces, or whatever they are called (greedy fish predators of whatever is around them.)

  13. Mor, I guess you have just about summed it.