mardi 28 décembre 2010

The photographer

This is our shutterbug, featured in my previous post. All 4 years 9 months and 13 days of her fresh out of the shower. Who would believe such a small bundle can exhaust a whole tenderly loving family?
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  1. She's all energy! Fun and exhausting for old folks, but oh, so appreciated by her parents, I guess.

    Enjoy her!

  2. «Vous êtes engagé, vous remplissez toutes les conditions, quand pouvez-vous commencé? »

    «Mais je n’ai aucun diplôme universitaire--»

    «Pensez-vous qu’aux salaires qu’on paie nous puissions exiger des diplômes? »

    An exchange that might also apply those who take on the responsibility of raising children, like this adorable little girl!

    I'm amazed I wasn't summarily disqualified.

    What a sweet picture! :)

  3. She is a marvel! You lucky man. My nipotini will arrive so far in the future. Damn.

  4. @Jenny, fortunately we do not get disqualified as parents for not having a diploma. Judging from the performance of some highly respected professionals that I know who neglected to forget their training when dealing with their offsprings, it is just as well not to be trained.
    @MoR, patience my friend it will come in due time, you are still young and I understand your ragazze are still studying, don't rush things.

  5. @Rosaria, we do enjoy her regardless, she is a bit more of a problem for her parents after all she is 10 years younger than her big brother. It is not easy to start all over again.

  6. Paul, you are right, of course. I remember a funny Bill Cosby remark:

    An intellectual is a person who reads books to learn how to do what everybody else does naturally.

  7. Another remark, from engineers at McDonell-Douglas, I believe: "Aeronotical laws tell us the hummingbird can not fly, but he does not it and flies nonetheless".

  8. My late/ex-husband's mother was a child psychologist. A FAMOUS child psychologist. Her books were on the shelf in the university department where I worked for a while.

    Both her kids were so far gone that they were coming back, as the Welsh say (I loved him, but he was nuts) and I heard stories about the upbringing that would curl your hair.

    So an amateur should always be on the scene, for balance.

  9. The big error for behaviour professionals is trying to apply to their children techniques evolved to bring back to "normal" such behaviour deemed "not normal". It does drive the kids nuts.
    One of our very well known rock singer was the child of a very well known child psychiatrist who was a thoroughly rotten father and spouse. The man, Daniel Bigras, wrote a book about his childhood: "Un enfant dans le grenier".
    The singer is now very active shoring up organisms dedicated to troubled youths and has managed to get out of drugs and alcohol after being for some time a street kid.
    Both my wife and I were in those professions. When we became parents ourselves we noticed, very fast, that the number of learned advices we gave dimished by half. As a colleague of mine once commented; "It's so much easier with the children of others".