samedi 27 novembre 2010

Lunch time

This morning we woke up to a snowy landscape. I guess our winged friends were very happy to find our feeder. I filled it early this morning...then again around 13:00 and now, 15:03 it's half full as you can see; and with awaiting line to boot.
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  1. Paul, your comment box doesn't like me anymore, it eats up my comment. How do the birds survive if you forget to feed them?

  2. You've just reminded me, Paul, that I must go to feed our winged visitors.

  3. Rosaria, I apologize for my comment box. This one did get through.
    Ornithologists say that feeders account for 5% of what a bird eats and that they have no matter what enough supply in their natural environment. Feeders are a bit like our convenience stores. HANDY IN BAD WEATHER but not the main supplier of food.
    Rob-bear, heureux d'avoir été votre aide-mémoire.

  4. I guess Romans are uncaring with birds since I seldom saw people feed them. But they feed stray cats quite a lot, so that Rome is literally invaded by them. Weird.
    And you have been my aide-mémoire aussi. Btw, I never saw such a great feeder. It must be very effective.

  5. I've always loved the tales of Romans feeding stray cats.

    I keep a birdbath but if I had a feeder it would be considered an "attractive nuisance," since the birds would look like a smorgasbord to the neighborhood cats who have learned that my garden provides good hunting. I like having my rodents controlled, but doing it to the birds would be just heartless.

  6. MoR, the feeder is indeed very efficient
    Sledpress, a bird bath up here in summer is a mosquito breeder and in winter a skating ring. However I know there exists heated bird baths but I'm not that rich.
    As for cats,ours never go out and the raccoons and skunks keep the others away most of the time. THe squirrels do not take kindly to cats either, so the birdie birds are rather safe in our backyard.

  7. Sled, it is usually some ladies we call 'gattare' who feed the cats. Sometimes one gattara is enough for hundreds of them. I don't mind having cats all over the place, they are discreet, mostly clean and they check the rat population. They get noisy only in love matters. THAT can produce concerts sometimes!

  8. Concerts? They sound like a whole maternity ward filled with dozens of crying babies and they may be only one, maybe two.