mardi 6 juillet 2010

The Hobo

She appeared in our backyard around June 30th.  She peered through our windows and even wanted to come inside.  She took to spending the night on our sundeck at the back of the house.
Last Friday she was clearly famished.  My daughters' hearts melted, they gave her cat food and water.  She shook while eating very fast.
Saturday morning she was there...and got some food again.  Sunday night she was taken into the house in a carrier.  Today she is going to the veterinarian, until next Saturday the girls will stick posters around the neighbourhood.
Should nothing happen, as most likely will, I guess the temporarily named Esmeralda, will have found a new home with a taby, Valentin, and two other females, Catherine and Capucine.  All neutered and declawed as she will be as of tonight.  Her wandering days are over.
Around here, 1st of July is moving day.  Many people unfortunately don't bother packing the our shelters are crammed.  This one was lucky to come across Nadine and Nadia.
She does have some resemblance to a Cornish Rex although she carried no papers with her.  A real hobo.

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  1. She is a lucky girl! And the name must give her status around the household. You are all good sports to take in strays.

  2. The first three wre adopted at various periods from the SPCA, Capucine in Montreal, the two others while our daughters lived in Mississauga, near,Toronto. They swear there will be no others.
    The name is from the Gypsy girl in Victor Hugo's Notre-Dame-de-Paris.
    Capucine is almost 15 years old, valentin and Catherine are about 11 or 12. Esmeralda looks rather young.

  3. Who could resist that sweet face?

  4. I think Esmeralda is a lucky cat to have found you. I hope she'll show her gratitude.

  5. Our daughters went around the neughbourhood tonight sticking posters on lamposts. A lady saw and said she knew that cat. Last week it had followed her along the sidewalk and she was about to pick it up went somebody else came and the cat followed that person.
    She said she would think about it for a few days and that she may call Nadine back and take the cat in should nobody claim it.

  6. I think the name is wonderful. Though I hope it is not a portent of her attracting unwanted attention from Toms.

    I can't help thinking that a cat hungry enough to shake as she eats doesn't really have a home. As for "no more," I've heard that before.

    BTW, I am touched to see my blog in your sidebar, but I am at Wordpress and not Blogspot, so the link is a dead end.

  7. Careful, Paul: you could get a reputation for running a cathouse. (You might get away with that in Québèc, but not likely elsewhere in Canada.)

  8. @Sledpress: you are now Sixteen Tons on my side bar.
    @Rob-bear: we are on the safe side of our city's by-laws: 4 animals maximum per household, can be more if large enough property and not too close to neighbours; not our case.

  9. We have three cats. All are farm cats that went with us into the city when we moved. One was an orphan born in a barn and really a wild-cat that tamed down when she realized the two legged things gave out free food.

  10. "Free food" is the key word here.