mercredi 21 juillet 2010


He was a prankster and the life of the office.  He was a sportsman and very fit.  Three weeks ago he began coughing.  Two weeks ago he was diagnosed with a phase four lung cancer.  Last saturday he died.  Tomorrow his funeral will take place.  He was 67 and retired a few years ago.
I'll bet he already has pulled a few fast ones up there.
Petre, requiescas in pace.

2 commentaires:

  1. I've read this a couple times already, wanting to say something but not sure exactly what -- I've been thinking a lot about people I've known who are no longer with us, and it seems so important to remember. Probably no formal obituary says much about what a person really gave to the lives of those around him.

  2. You are quite right. As you age the list of the departed gets longer and, more distressing, many are younger, eeven much younger, than one is as he or she advances in age.
    I remember the 98 years old woman who had just lost her older son, 68, and said;"Impossible, He must have forgotten me. I'm overdue, why is he gone, not me?"