mardi 11 août 2009


Un de mes employé m'a déjà reproché de faire circuler trop d'informations. Il n'avait pas, disait-il, le temps de lire tout ça. Que dirait-il aujourd'hui?
With the newspapers on internet and all the blogs vying for attention he would be sick. And we have not touched Emails and other means of communication.
My grandson is glued to his laptop uploading and downloading, chatting with friends. My son spends an inordinate amount of time, wherever he is checking on his Emails from the university, from London College, from Finland, Sweden and Iceland, not to mention Buffalo and his friend in Boston.
My daughters have their load also. One has almost to go to bed with the company Blackberry, the other, soon as she sets foot in the house, checks her SPCA Emails to update their stray cats and dogs list and to put online their foster families' notes about animals up for adoption; she works all day on a computer since her office is in Montreal but all her colleagues and her boss are in Toronto.
I follow Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN, le Monde, Haaretz, Radio-Canada on line and several blogs.
Mon épouse, plus modestement, se cherche de la documentation sur le site de Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec.
Today, two bloggers that I follow were considering slacking a bit...the fun had run out; they both run several blogs. That is a full time job, no wonder they consider retiring. As we say:"trop, c'est trop". In other words: enough is enough. Let's relax and take it easy...but, please, keep checking on me.

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  1. Ce n'est par trop; c'est interessant (mais un peu fatigue, peut-être). La monde entre dans vos salles par votre port electronique.

    I hope that makes sense. (What can you expect from an anglais who speaks and writes French like a Spanish cow?)

    A la procahine.

  2. It does make sense. When I aws younger we had a song: "C'était une vache de fort tempéremment qui revenait d'Espagne et parlait allemand".
    Well Practice kakes perfect...keep on.

  3. Don't worry. We will continue checking on your blog. Yes, blogging is sometimes a fatigue: I'll take more breaks in the near future, but I won't stop. I need breaks to nourish my curiosity, or my vein will dry up.

    Since I'm still on blog vacation I didn't comment as I wanted, plus I have a friend who is in hospital and have to visit him often. But I'll come back.

    A la prochaine Paul

  4. Best wishes of prompt recovery for your friend.

  5. It's a natural progression for most things. Please tell me you're not tired yet.

  6. No I'm not tired, but then I do it only on one blog and at a very relaxed pace. I'll stick around for some time yet Rosaria.
    However I do comment on other people's blogs but that is not as stressing as writing your own.

  7. Sa vache est interresant, aussi!

  8. Thank you, Rob Bear. Lot's of people could become multilingual...but they are afraid to make mistakes and be laughed at. One must dare and the intelligent ones will not laugh.
    My son who every spring works two weeks in Finland has taught himself Finnish, not an easy language, and he says he is very proud after some 7 years to be able to order a hamburger without insulting anyone.
    Practice makes good.