samedi 9 mai 2009

Poor mixer

Would you believe it? I am a Sunbeam mixer killer. Two weeks ago at the McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement Odette spoke of a recipe book based on la Comtesse de Ségur née Rostopchine's children books. Since the good Comtesse peopled my lonely sickly child's days, I was curious about those recipes so I went to la Grande Bibliothèque du Québec in Montreal and got the book.
I got hung on a bread recepi. Mind you I never baked bread in all of my 78 years but I very foolishly went on. The first try did not rise and could have been used to stone somebody. The second try got a little better and was, at least, edible. The third try is the best. My raisin bread is light and fluffy, a nice golden color and very tasty.
Alas! I added the raisins at the wrong moment...and some gears broke. We now have a very good raisin bread...but no more mixer.

2 commentaires:

  1. And voila, man wrote and touched the divine! Welcome, benvenuto.
    Your writing in French will be a good reminder for me to practice other languages all dusty and buried in my brain.

    You might have to do the bread mixing by hand from now on, and you might have to give it more rising time if your indoor temperatures are cool. Good luck.

  2. Merci du conseil. J'ai mon épouse et mes jumelles qui me donnent aussi des conseils. Malheureusement, ils arrivent toujours trop tard. But I am totally guilty for not asking before.